The Threshold To Your House

There are basically 4 types of door frames

1. Wooden frames

2. Steel void frames

3. Aluminum frames

4. Steel frames filled with plaster

The following detail will help you choosing the right door frames-

1. Wood frames- wood frames are the most commonly found type in most of the houses. It is generally used in all kinds of interior doors. Wooden frames are not found in outdoor construction due to their less heat bearable capacity. Their main advantage is that they are available in millions of designs and you can also customize them as per your taste and need. The wood can be timber, teak, rosewood, salwood, deodar cedar etc depending on your budget.

2. Aluminum frames-aluminum doors are most commonly found in commercial buildings. It is generally used in malls, offices, shops and stores. It is rarely used in homes. It can be used both outdoors and indoors. They generally are available in straight lines and wide range of colors to chose from. Excessive heat can cause it fade and crack.

3. Steel void frames-this again is found in commercial areas but mainly in interiors. It is also quite reasonable in price and thus widely used in low budget areas.

4. Void steel frames filled with plaster- this is also generally found in work places. The void frames are used and are generally filled with plaster. It is generally used to fix the frame on a brick wall. Filling them with concrete makes them more strong and durable. If you just tap the frame with your finger you can make out if it is void or filled with plaster.

All these door frames have different locking system. They have different durability and resistance to weather. It totally depends on your personal choices and the kind of area where you want the frame to be fitted.